Stop wasting your precious time ! Here is
the first professional « scraping » machine that removes the label on glass bottle within 5 seconds

Newtik 3.4face


  • Thanks to an EASY and RAPID HANDLING, the glass bottle is quickly unlabelled and ready for immediate relabelling.


  • EFFICIENT and LOW COST, NEWTIK allows you to significantly reduce your labour costs. Only 5 seconds are needed to strip the bottle!


  • FLEXIBLE, since working one side at a time, NEWTIK allows you to remove the front label, the back label or both of them.


  • ADJUSTABLE, NEWTIK can be used for all sizes (from half bottle to magnum) and all kinds of bottles (Bordelaise, Bourgogne, Champagne…).


  • COMPACT and MOBILE due to its rollers, NEWTIK can be placed just where you need it..

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